About Tea & Benefits

Camellia sinensis, or tea plant, includes varieties such as oolong, white, green, black, etc. depending on whether the leaves are fermented and for how long. Herbal or botanical brews are often called infusions or tisanes, and do not contain tea.

Tea contains antioxidant compounds of polyphenols that help the body fight harmful free radicals. From strengthening your bones and immune system to looking and feeling younger, the health benefits of consuming tea are endless! Here are a few examples of earth’s beneficial balance of teas and botancials!

White Tea

Uncured & Unfermented leaves, More potent anti-cancer (anti-oxidant) properties than processed teas, Supports heart health, Lowers high blood pressure, Increases brain function & focus, Aids in weight management, Improves bone strength, Anti-viral & bacterial qualities, Slows signs of aging, Relieves anxiety, Strengthens immune system

Green & Matcha Tea

Steamed leaves, High EGCG concentration, Boosts immunity, Increases brain function & focus, Prevents artery clogging, Reduces neurological disorders, Reduces risk of stroke, cancer & Type II diabetes, Improves cholesterol, Increases fat burning, Reduce blood sugar level, Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, Fights inflammation, Improves dental health

Oolong Tea

Oxidized leaves, Supports heart health, Strengthens bones & teeth, Aids in weight management, Increases brain function & focus Promotes healthy skin & hair, Prevent or manage Type II diabetes, Helps remove harmful free radicals

Black & Chai Tea

Fermented & oxidized leaves, Highest in caffeine (but less than coffee), Cancer fighting antioxidants, Increases brain function & focus, Anti-inflammatory benefits, Protect Lungs, Reduce risk of stroke, Prevent or manage diabetes, Improve heart health & Increase blood flow, Expands airways, De-stresses & aids in sore muscle recovery

Pu-erh Tea

Fermented & aged leaves, Reduce weight gain, Reduce LDL cholesterol, Aids in digestion, Improves spleen function, Boosts blood flow & improves circulation

Herbal, Bontanical & Fruit Tea

Caffeine-free, Boosts immunity, Promotes healthy skin, Cancer fighting antioxidants, High in minerals and vitamins, Protects against Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s, Digestive aid, Improves circulation, Lowers cholesterol & High blood pressure, Reduces cramps & gastrointestinal distress

*Colorado Holistic Tea does not endorse health claims for any tea, tisane or botanical, nor are any claims endorsed by the FDA. Further, these teas do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.