Brew Your Balance

Steeping Chart

Type Amount/Person(8 oz cup) Water Temperature Steeping Time
White 1.5 teaspoons 175º F (80º C) 3-5 minutes
Green 1 teaspoon 175º F (80º C) 2-3 minutes
Matcha 1 teaspoon 195º F (90º C) 3-4 minutes
Black 1 teaspoon 208º F (98º C) 3-5 minutes
Puerh 1 teaspoon 195º F (90º C) 1-3 minutes
Oolong 1 teaspoon 195º F (90º C) 2-3 minutes
Chai 1 teaspoon 208º F (98º C) 5-7 minutes
Blooming 1 bulb 185º F (85º C) 3-5 minutes
Mate 1.5 teaspoons 175º F (80º C) 1-4 minutes
Rooibos 1.5 teaspoons 208º F (98º C) 4-6 minutes
Fruit Blends 1.5 teaspoons 208º F (98º C) 4-5 minutes
Herbal/Botanical 1.5 teaspoons 208º F (98º C) 4-5 minutes

Finding your personal taste is all part of the balancing experience!

A few suggestions: For an 8oz cup of tea, use one level teaspoon for fine teas. For fuller, fluffier teas, use one rounded, heaping tablespoon. For a stronger cup of tea, you may use more tea leaves, but it is advised that you stick within the recommended steeping times to avoid bitterness from over-steeping.

Keep in mind, check steeping time earlier than later…you can always steep longer but it’s hard to fix an over-steeped tea.  Also, most teas can be re-steeped two to three more times! Get the most of nature’s leaves! Helpful hint: use or refrigerate re-steeps for less caffeine content if desired!

For the best tasting results, use distilled, spring or filtered water and boil. Chlorine in tap water can lower antioxidant levels if it is not brought to a full boil first.  Furthermore, be aware that cold brewing may contain unwanted bacteria present on the tea leaves or in the water.  We encourage hot steeping first, then refrigerating for cold brewed tea.

To maintain absolute freshness, store your tea leaves in a closed container in a dry, cool place away from direct light, heat and moisture. Never put tea leaves in the freezer or refrigerator as the condensation may alter the composition of the tea.

To clean your tea ware, the best solution is baking soda and warm water.  Soaps may adversely affect the taste of your tea.